‘AI doesn’t make decisions’: The real Robodebt culprit

There’s no AI in Robodebt, only bad decisions by humans, says a leading researcher, and AI can be a useful tool in government decision making….

The ‘era of self-regulation’ over in the AI era

Do we need a new law for AI? Sure – but first we could try enforcing the laws we already have

Black Mirror lawyering

Charlie Brooker’s anthology series holds one important clue on why dystopian narratives are key to preparing for the future of the law.

Should lawyers care about neurotechnology?

Whilst the efforts of Elon Musk’s company Neuralink to connect human brains to computers have been well publicised, it’s less well known that Synchron and…

Conference keynote speaker to cover the law-AI partnership

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Access to justice meets legal tech: innovative firm opens doors for renters

Access to justice for renters is offered by an award-winning social enterprise that combines innovative technology with a novel funding mechanism.

Anonymous, invisible and guilty: Punishing the cyberspace offender

What happens when crime is committed in cyberspace by invisible offenders? Can we inflict punishment on elusive data thieves, and on automated processes like Robodebt?

World’s first ChatGPT defamation lawsuit may come out of Australia

Regional Mayor Brian Hood threatens to sue OpenAI over incorrect ChatGPT content.

Good Bing gone bad

Gaslighting, love bombing and narcissism: what happens when AI goes off script and reveals its’ troubled and very passive-aggressive side.