New generative AI tool could amplify disinformation risks

OpenAI’s new generative AI system produces realistic and imaginative videos from text prompts, but the sample outputs published so far raises some concerns.

Air Canada forced to honour chatbot offer

Air Canada will have to compensate a customer, after a chatbot provided inaccurate information about bereavement fares.

Lunch with Brett McGrath

At what seems to be a crossroad moment for the profession, Brett McGrath starts his presidency with confidence and optimism. He sat down with LSJ…

Nine slammed for ‘AI editing’ a Victorian MP’s dress

Channel Nine published an altered image of Victorian MP Georgie Purcell that showed her in a midriff-exposing tank top. The outfit was actually a dress….

How Australia can successfully regulate ‘high-risk’ AI

The Australian government has responded to feedback from last year’s Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation and plans to focus on high-risk areas of…

In conversation with ChatGPT

Profile of an AI Chatbot. Experts weigh in on the concerns and benefits of Artificial Intelligence, and ChatGPT is invited to answer the comments itself.

Two authors are suing OpenAI for training ChatGPT with their books. Could they win?

The authors claim their books were used to train ChatGPT without their consent

Law firm sets $20,000 ‘AI bounty’ for staff

Gilbert + Tobin have given their staff the opportunity to win $20,000 for sharing ideas on utilising AI in the workplace.

Chatbots, the Cloud and Alexa: Major review launched into how tech companies use data

As the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigates the way tech giants control our information, solicitors in NSW are calling for greater education about the…