The latest from the High Court: October 2014

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By THOMAS HURLEY.

Timor-Leste v Australia: privilege, security and international law

In the case of Timor-Leste v Australia the International Court of Justice ordered Australia to ensure the correspondence it seized between Timor-Leste and its legal advisers relating…

Class actions: justice, funding and the next game changer

The desire to provide access to justice has resulted in what many have described as a “plaintiff-friendly” Federal Court class action regime in Australia. By…

Is email an option? Notice to exercise an option to renew in a lease

The decision in Kavia Holdings Pty. Limited v Suntrack Holdings Pty. Ltd [2011] NSWSC 716 states that email may constitute valid service of the exercise of the…

The latest from the Federal Court: October 2014

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the Federal Court of Australia. By THOMAS HURLEY.

Capacity, dementia and neuropsychology

The Office of the Legal Services Commission is increasingly receiving complaints that lawyers have accepted instructions from elderly people who lack decision-making capacity. By LISE…

Educational institutions and the prohibition on disability discrimination

BKY v The University of Newcastle [2014] NSWCATAD 39 considered a claim of direct discrimination under s 49B(1) of the Anti-Discrimination Act. By GREG WALSH.

Ethical dilemma FAQs: October 2014

The Ethics Committee and Department of the Law Society provides guidance on ethical issues to all practitioners.

The right to silence: a review of the amendments to s 89A of the Evidence Act

Amendments to s 89A of the Evidence Act 1995 have created unforeseen consequences for a defendant’s right to silence. By MARIO LICHA.

Search engine optimisation: how much is too much?

The case of Lift Shop Pty Ltd v Easy Living Home Elevators Pty Ltd [2014] FCAFC 75 provides new guidance on the legality of search engine optimisation…