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Key decisions

  • Kardos & Harmon [2020] FamCA 328
  • Finch [2020] FamCAFC 60 
  • Tandy & Eastman [2020] FCCA 541 
  • Adam & Tan [2019] FamCA 964 


Contravention – COVID-19 – reasonable excuse – variation of primary order

In Kardos & Harmon [2020] FamCA 328 (7 May 2020) McClelland DCJ heard an application by a father alleging the mother’s contravention of a parenting order which provided for their three year old child to travel from Adelaide to spend time with the father in Darwin and, from January 2020, Brisbane. 

The mother did not send the child to the father in March or April 2020 due to her concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. The mother argued reasonable excuse due to her concern for the child’s health and the border restrictions requiring her and the child to be in self-isolation for 14 days after their return to South Australia.

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