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It’s not always rosy for law students.

Meet law student Lex Amoris. Lex is reflecting on the Bachelor(s) as this season of professional dating (sometimes called summer clerking) comes to the flimsy portable big screens in our euphemistically-named open-plan offices.

Lex, along with a pool of eligible penultimate LLB students, is working her way toward the Bachelor(s). That is, the piece of paper that reflects her commitment to try to find a steady contractual relationship with an employer she loves (or is willing to settle for) after four (sometimes six-plus) years of expensive grooming.

Lex’s emotional episode of trying to hitch a clerkship may share more similarities to the reality TV show* than noticed at first blush.

First, it’s mostly men (79 per cent male partners) handing out a bunch of rosy offers to mostly women (50 per cent female graduates).

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