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Tim Leach stepped into the role of Executive Director of Community Legal Centres NSW (CLCNSW) in February.

He brought with him 28 years of experience working in legal, policy and management positions in a variety of organisations, including at the Australian Human Rights Commission, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations. Taking the top job at CLCNSW has brought his career full circle as he returns to the sector that hired him when he graduated from UNSW with an Arts/Law degree in 1990.

What was your first job out of university and what did you learn in that role?

My very first gig was at the South West Sydney Community Legal Centre. It was a very steep learning curve. If you had told me in advance how much work it would involve, I might not have taken the job. It was a small centre and very under-resourced. You didn’t need many people to leave to have a full turnover of staff. Within a year, I was the longest-serving member of staff in that centre.

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