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  • Be proactive in transitioning to the new regime.
  • Ensure a managed and timely transition process.
  • Review funds transfer processes.
  • Confirm payment instructions received by email using another method.

E-conveyancing has been in use in NSW since 2013 and will apply for all mainstream property transactions from 1 July 2019. The following critical, pending dates should be front-of-mind for lawyers who act in land dealings (including those in legal fields such as family law or litigation, who need to file caveats). Law practices should also factor these dates into their business planning to ensure a smooth transition process and to minimise professional risk.

Critical, pending e-settlement dates for NSW

From 1 July this year, all caveats and standalone transfers (land transfers without mortgages) must be lodged electronically.

From 1 July 2019, all mainstream property transactions must be registered electronically, and all paper certificates of title will be cancelled. Transitional provisions apply for some transactions, but these are limited in nature and likely to be phased out.

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