The latest developments in Law Society advocacy & law reform: July 2018

The Law Society’s Policy and Practice team brings you a wrap-up of the most important issues of the moment.

Is your practice ready for e-conveyancing?

Be proactive in transitioning to the new regime and remember to review funds transfer processes and confirm payment instructions by multiple methods. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.

Electronic conveyancing – don’t wait for mandating

The NSW Government’s mandating program aims to increase the proportion of electronically lodged documents for all core conveyancing transactions from around 33 per cent currently to…

Preparing for mandated electronic conveyancing – don’t leave it too late

From 1 July 2018, a caveat can only be lodged electronically at NSW Land Registry Services. Those prepared on paper will not be accepted for…

Another edition of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land?

The 2017 edition of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land is now available online at the Law Society’s eCOS Portal. By PETER…

Are you up to date with the new e-conveyancing transition timetable?

By 1 July 2019, most standard property transactions in NSW will be conducted electronically and all paper Certificate of Titles will be phased out. By…

Why you must consider GST before closing a deal

Familiarity with GST  legislation and rulings is essential. There are surprises in store for the unwary. By JIM MAIN.

Old meets new: paper conveyancing and electronic CTs

The number of electronic Certificates of Title (eCTs) is growing daily, consequently it is increasingly likely that practitioners will encounter an eCT in paper conveyancing…

Ademption traps for conveyancers

Ensure your conveyancing staff are alert to the issue of ademption of specific gifts. By FELICITY WARDHAUGH.

Forged payment directions cut lenders (and their solicitors) as deep as a forced mortgage

The Court of Appeal has unanimously rejected a lender’s attempts to enforce its mortgage in circumstances where a faxed payment direction sent to the lender’s…