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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many office workers discovered how working from home can mean less time commuting and more time to exercise. For others, working from home wreaked havoc on waistlines and weight scales. We have tips to stay active even when the office is a few metres away.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s dramatic impact shifted millions of people to working from home, almost immediately without proper preparation. Some were well accustomed to flexible working arrangements. But for others, there was a significant learning curb in setting up Zoom for the first time, creating a dedicated office space, and learning how to create healthy work habits from home.

Even as restrictions ease, working from home remains the way forward for many companies who see benefits in virtual and flexible workforce arrangements. This is great news for people who are motivated and consistent with their fitness training. However, most of us will need to make a considered effort to keep physically active, as telecommuting can quickly lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Here are some tips to stay active and healthy while working from home.

Schedule your exercise

Working from home doesn’t mean you should forfeit your regular exercise regime. Block out time in your calendar to get your workout in and let your team members know you’re taking this break so you’re not interrupted. Set reminders, be prepared and disciplined.

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