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Hello all, thanks for coming to today’s session here at the wonderful Marina Park Motel and Hotel complex, just off the picturesque A1 Highway. Can you hear those semi-trailers! Modern industry – it’s fantastic.

To those in the back, please pull some seats up to the front so we get a nice tight circle going. There’s plenty of room up here next to the poker machines.

Now I know this time of year can be stressful as people scramble to pull together their remaining CPD points, but you can relax: you’ve booked yourself into an all-day seminar on this, the last day of the CPD calendar year. All you have to do is sit through the next eight to 10 hours of content, no matter its quality, relevance or impact on your will to live. That’s the kind of last-minute, over-a-barrel, no-one’s-fault-but-your-own service we provide here at the School of Higher Individual Legal Learning (or SHILL).

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