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Cara Ghassemian has combined her work as a lawyer with a side hustle in tourism. Poised to launch a new venture selling Sicilian hand-painted ceramics and crystals to Australians, she has also been offering private holidays through her start-up business “Aussies in Morocco Tours”. Ghassemian tells MELISSA COADE how she has rediscovered a passion for languages and adventure.

With a vague ambition to kick-start a new career as an art seller, Cara Ghassemian returned to university in her mid-40s to study art history, Italian and French. Now 54, she has found the perfect way to pursue her interests in business and exotic travel. Her side hustles in tourism and Sicilian artisanal products are serious business endeavours that fuel a love of faraway places and foreign cultures – things Ghassemian can’t get from practising law.

“I find that with the law, it’s a very disconnecting experience. In litigation, it’s a fighting, adversarial experience, and I’m not sure how healthy that is for the human psyche – particularly the human psyche that is into connecting,” Ghassemian says.

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