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There are plenty of reasons to scrap Australia’s legal system.

It is with burning optimism and hope for the benefit of all (well, almost all) subjects of the Commonwealth of Australia** that the writer presents this submission. Although simple in its foundation, the proposal is well-considered and precise, and the logic of the reasoning beyond reproach.

Judges, magistrates, barristers, solicitors or, collectively, the legal profession are in this society the primary cause of misery, woe, bad-tidings, and myriad other shortcomings which shall be extrapolated upon in detail in this discourse***. The sooner a federal (and state-wide/territory-wide) interdict eradicating this scourge on our population is mandated by those in power, the better. The benefits of this scheme are endless. No more will criminals be able to drag out their court cases through endless appeals, motions, voir dires and challenges, no doubt masterminded by their legal “advisors”, simply to delay the inevitable and all to waste time and delay, delay, delay. (And for what? I mean, they are guilty anyway, right?)

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