Voller decision sends warning to Facebook page owners

The High Court has ruled media outlets are liable for defamatory comments published on their Facebook pages, in a landmark appeal over what has become…

To social or not to social?

Many in the profession approach social media with justified trepidation, but those who embrace it are reaping the rewards.

Losing my religion, losing my job?

Israel Folau’s dispute with Rugby Australia has exposed the glaring legal chasm between employment contracts and our right to share views on social media.

The ‘poster boy’ plaintiff and contumacious, contumelious, criminal and civil contempt

A recent liability judgment by Justice Rothman of the NSW Supreme Couris a helpful example of the Court’s approach to proceedings for contempt. By TALITHA…

Social media lawyers learn pitfalls of social media

Social media has made its way into every facet of our lives, and the legal profession is no exception.

Emojis under the spotlight

Emojis are entering court cases more and more – but are Australian courts are properly equipped to interpret them?

Digital assets and law reform

The NSW Attorney-General calls upon the Law Reform Commission to assess whether a legal framework for accessing digital assets is needed.

Carving joy

After a successful career as an accountant and lawyer, Kerryn Carter found true joy with saws and jigs

One step at a time. Flesh and blood dramas from the family court

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