Death by crocodile: not necessarily tax-free

Death is not necessarily tax-free. Always consult with clients’ accountants and financial planners when making their will. By JIM MAIN.

Technology shouldn’t be an obsession

Continuing education can help you keep afloat in an ocean of technology change.

Why it’s time to wise up about metadata

It is important that legal practitioners have some understanding of metadata in order to safeguard a client’s confidential and privileged information. By HELEN BROWNE.

Avoiding elder financial abuse: safeguards solicitors should have in place

The Law Reform Commission’s report, Elder Abuse – A National Response, recommends safeguards to minimise risk of abuse in cases of ‘enduring appointments’. By DARRYL…

Is your client sane?

A quick guide to assessing an expert’s assessment of mental health.

Toppling the six-minute tryrant

With disruptors shaking up the legal market, the end of the billable hour may be in sight.

Do you know it all? When it’s unwise to advise

Dabbling in unfamiliar practice areas can be unfair to the client and increase risk for the practitioner. By KERRIE LALICH.

Making enduring powers of attorney: practical tips

Ensure clients understand the real life impact and full scope of enduring powers of attorney. By JEN MCMILLAN.

Succession planning and hidden tax stings

Every succession plan has tax implications. Ensure your client gets good tax advice elsewhere if you can’t give it. By JIM MAIN.

What I wish I knew… Justice Julie Ward

NSW Supreme Court Justice Julie Ward passes on an important lesson for solicitors … triple check emails before sending them.