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Dear Fiona,
I often feel overwhelmed that I am not using technology enough. Help!
Thanks, Kristina

Dear Kristina,

Technology can be frustrating. It makes our working and personal lives easier, but it can actually cause more stress and angst in our daily lives. Here’s the truth – if you have a smart phone and some form of computer, then you are using technology – probably quite well – every single day. My advice is to use technology to make your job easier and collaborate with others effectively, even if you’re not physically there.

However, it’s important to remember there are four key aspects of being a brilliant lawyer that technology so far has been unable to replace.

1. Building relationships

LinkedIn is brilliant and you should be using it. However, in my book a casual coffee or glass of wine with a connection, or taking someone to a great work event, will help you build stronger relationships faster.

2. Resolving conflict

Picking up the phone or getting in front of someone will resolve an issue quicker than email and technology ever can. Get out from behind the keyboard to resolve the inevitable issues human interaction brings.

3. Solving complex problems

Yes, elements of your job are open to disruption by technology. But your technical and analytical skills are crucial when it comes to solving complex problems and keeping your clients happy. You have a brain and you have (continuing) education. Use them both.

4. Caring about people

Many lawyers got into law because they wanted to help people. A few years behind a desk and it’s easy to forget what drove you in the first place. Maybe you need some perspective – volunteer on the firm’s pro bono program or get involved with the community legal sector. Remember the good you can do person to person, through the knowledge and skills you have spent so many years honing.

Fiona Craig

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