No laughing matter

Almost every barrister and litigator in court has chuckled at a wry remark from a judge. But how appropriate is banter from the bench in…

Why conflict is essential to forward motion

Healthy conflict will lift performance. But it’s essential to create the right environment for it.

New restrictions for lawyers involved in Managed Investment Schemes

New laws restricting lawyers’ involvement in managed investment schemes and mortgage practices are expected to commence on 1 July 2018. By PAMELA HANRAHAN.

How (and why) to fire a difficult client

No business likes to turn down a paying customer. But for law firms, firing bad clients isn’t just important, it’s essential.

This time it’s personal: defamation claims against lawyers

There is an increasing tendency for solicitors to raise accusations of defamation during professional conflict. This brings more heat than light. By ELISSA BAXTER.

The wellbeing road test

Law and professional services firms are constantly coming up with new strategies to keep their workers happy, healthy and motivated.

Avoiding elder financial abuse: safeguards solicitors should have in place

The Law Reform Commission’s report, Elder Abuse – A National Response, recommends safeguards to minimise risk of abuse in cases of ‘enduring appointments’. By DARRYL…

The human cost of corporate life

Wellness is a holistic, ongoing, and very human necessity – not just a work issue. So there’s a need to move past box-ticking.

March of the millennials

Millennials will make up half of the Australian workforce by 2020, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Is this a challenge or opportunity for your law firm?  

The latest developments in Law Society advocacy & law reform: February 2017

The Law Society’s Policy and Practice team brings you a wrap-up of the most important issues of the moment.