Reduce risk and stress by systematically managing critical dates

JEN MCMILLAN provides her top tips to help solicitors manage critical dates.

Tips for finalising estate matters

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Traps for bilingual solicitors: Working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients

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Estate planning traps: binding death benefit nominations and enduring powers of attorney

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Limitation periods in equity – taking an analogous approach

Limitation periods for equitable causes of action are not straightforward and require careful investigation and analysis. Consult Lawcover’s schedule. By ELISSA BAXTER and ALEX HASLAM.

Managing cyber risk – practical guidance

Managing cyber risk is an integral part of legal practice. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.

Ready to defend yourself? The power of the file note

A lack of file notes is a significant handicap in presenting a successful defence on behalf of an insured. By JANICE PURVIS.

Risk management and claims prevention

The incidence and cost of claims against Lawcover insureds has reduced markedly. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.

The risks of mixing legal and financial advice

Solicitors must be conscious of the difference between financial and legal advice and know when to advise a client of the need to obtain independent…