Manus Island Regional Processing Centre Illegal under PNG law

The Supreme Court of Justice of Papua New Guinea has unanimously held that detention in the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre is contrary to the…

Facing the death penalty under a China-Australia extradition treaty

Australia may soon be able to extradite individuals to China if China undertakes that the death penalty will not be imposed or, if imposed, will…

Arbitrarily detained: what the UN opinion means for Julian Assange

A United Nations body determined that Sweden and the United Kingdom violated international norms by arbitrarily detaining Julian Assange. By STEPHEN TULLY.

High Court considers state immunity and international pensions

Pension payments to former office holders of specialised agencies can be liable to Australian income tax. By STEPHEN TULLY.

Frequent Flyers

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A day in the life of… Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn didn’t meet jailed Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste until three days after his release from an Egyptian prison.

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Out to sea: the High Court delivers its verdict on the Tamil asylum seeker case

In the highly controversial case of CPCF v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2015] HCA 1, the High Court found that section 72(4) of the Maritime Powers…

Drugs in sport and international law

Legislation giving effect to international agreements is interpreted according to orthodox principles of statutory construction. By STEPHEN TULLY.

A marriage of minds

Jane McAdam and Ben Saul met as teenagers and started dating while studying arts/law at the University of Sydney. Partners for 18 years, they are…