Should I stay or should I go?

Shaping international responses to climate change, disasters and displacement is a growing need, writes  UNSW Professor Jane McAdam.

A peek into the workings of offshore tax havens

Incorporating through an offshore haven is straightforward and relatively expensive. By BEN SEWELL.

The latest from the Federal Court: February 2017

Reporting and analysis of the most notable decisions in the Federal Court. By DAN STAR QC.

Key legal implications of UK withdrawal from the EU

The triggering of article 50 gives the UK and the European Union (‘EU’) a two-year period to undertake the complex negotiations for Brexit. By ANNE…

The Chilcot report on Iraq & lessons for Australia

The Chilcot Report details legal, policy and military decision-making by the UK over 2001-2009 about military intervention in Iraq. By STEPHEN TULLY.

China’s claims dashed in South China Sea arbitration

The South China Sea Arbitration is one of the most complex and significant decisions rendered by an international court or tribunal in the international law…

Manus Island Regional Processing Centre Illegal under PNG law

The Supreme Court of Justice of Papua New Guinea has unanimously held that detention in the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre is contrary to the…

Facing the death penalty under a China-Australia extradition treaty

Australia may soon be able to extradite individuals to China if China undertakes that the death penalty will not be imposed or, if imposed, will…

Arbitrarily detained: what the UN opinion means for Julian Assange

A United Nations body determined that Sweden and the United Kingdom violated international norms by arbitrarily detaining Julian Assange. By STEPHEN TULLY.

High Court considers state immunity and international pensions

Pension payments to former office holders of specialised agencies can be liable to Australian income tax. By STEPHEN TULLY.