Vaccine equity and the case for limiting patent rights

An examination of the hot topic of vaccine nationalism and the case for limiting the lucrative monopolies of COVID-19 vaccine patents.

Telstra ordered to release the identity of prospective copyright infringers

Federal Court uses preliminary discovery mechanism to identity suspected copyright infringers.

Anti-competitive IP transactions under the spotlight

The ACCC has issued new guidelines setting out how it will approach anti-competitive IP transactions following amendments to the Competition and Consumer Act.  By CYNTHIA…

What slant should the law take on ‘scandalous’ trade marks?

A recent ruling by the US Supreme Court regarding a potentially scandalous trade mark raises the issue of how such a case might be addressed…

The dream weaver

From producing feature films to helping authors protect their rights, Greg Duffy has creatively woven his interests and passions into two enviable careers.

The art of justice

Terri Janke’s passion for protecting the rights of Indigenous artists helped her develop a thriving law career.

Content denied: ISPs ordered to block overseas piracy websites

Online copyright infringement is a major issue, as the internet allows users to easily share pirated content without permission or payment. By ANITA CADE and…

OZEMITE: use it or lose it?

The Federal Court has ruled a trade mark owner can have used it even when not a single sale of a product bearing the mark…

In the world of Google Adwords, is your competitor’s trade mark fair game?

The use of a competitor’s name can be trade mark infringement or misleading and deceptive conduct, depending on the representation made in the sponsored link…

The latest from the High Court: December 2015

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By THOMAS HURLEY.