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From producing feature films to helping authors protect their rights, Greg Duffy has creatively woven his interests and passions into two enviable careers.

Few people are fortunate to have a dream job where they spend their working hours immersed in something they love. Meeting someone who has doubled down – having two successfully intertwined, fulfilling careers – is like encoutering a rare species. For Greg Duffy, it’s all about connecting. The Sydney-based lawyer has been weaving the law, films and creative endeavours together since his youth in Perth.

As a partner at Frankel Lawyers, Duffy provides legal services to the creative world, including film, television, theatre and publishing. Working in intellectual property, media and entertainment law provides a satisfying bridge to his long-standing interests in the Australian film and television industry as he helps actors, writers, directors, producers, authors, composers and others access and manage their creative rights.

His role also gives him the flexibility to pursue his passion for bringing Australian stories to life on the big screen. Duffy’s legal career has some rather unusual roots, as it grew out of working in and around television and film production while growing up in Perth.

“When I was 12 or 13, I was an actor in a TV series called Falcon Island. It was about three kids who ride around an island solving mysteries and crimes. It was great; I got two terms off school and ran around beaches making television.”

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