At the coalface of a refugee crisis

Human rights lawyer Michelle Sanson has been working on the ground in Bangladesh supporting the safety, dignity and rights of Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in…

The case that changed me – Ed Santow

Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow speaks about how a young girl with gorgeous curls changed his legal life.

Changing the human wrongs culture in Australia

Australian legal thinkers may need to become activists to introduce a rights-based perspective in judicial decision-making. It’s a collegiate cause – and one well worth…

Out on a limb: Australia’s troubling exceptionalism on human rights

Australia is the only democratic country without a comprehensive national human rights law. Even non-democratic nations have a charter or bill of rights, excepting only…

Tough work at the coalface of change

Human rights defenders across the world are fighting for gender equality.

Private sponsorship of refugees and humanitarian entrants: risks and rewards for Australia*

A newly established Community Support Programme will enable communities, businesses and individuals to propose refugees and humanitarian entrants for resettlement to Australia.

Refugee assistance blitz: a race to bridge the access to justice gap

The gap in access to justice for people seeking asylum has become substantial. By SIMON BRUCK and NICOLE D’SOUZA.

Young wild and free

From Bolivian prison cells to deaths and kidnappings in war-torn Colombia, Rusty Young has seen it all. The former lawyer and author of Marching Powder…

People of great courage: the battle to stop state-sanctioned, pre-meditated killing

Barrister Julian McMahon is best known for his work with Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. These Australians were two of eight people executed on an…

What will the UN torture treaty mean for Australia?

Australia will ratify the UN’s Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment by December 2017 and…