Spotlight on religious discrimination

Australian human rights law depends heavily on the protections provided in anti-discrimination legislation. But what happens if that law is turned on its head?

Time is running out: are you taking action on modern slavery?

The deadline for the first Australian Modern Slavery Statements is fast approaching.

Freedom of religion and speech: it’s time for change

AHRC President ROSALIND CROUCHER ventures beyond the headlines to explore how our rights & freedoms can be protected in a more positive and enduring way.

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Has the time come for NSW to revisit the question of whether to adopt a human rights act?

World-first legal battle hopes to save a culture

A group of Torres Strait Islanders is filing a human rights complaint against the Australian Government. They say a lack of action on climate change…

The case that changed me – Kingsley Liu

Kingsley Liu tells how his pro bono work for a small Indian Islamic community led him to represent other important human rights causes. 

The case that changed me – Greg James QC

GREG JAMES QC was involved in prosecuting from 1988 to 1993 this and two other Nazi war crime cases – the only three cases brought…

The case that changed me – Doreen Chen

Former Norton Rose lawyer Doreen Chen had her work cut out for her when she took a job with the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal in Myanmar…

The case that changed me – Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby

Sometimes, winning the case is less important than bringing attention to a cause. Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby explains how one particular case early…