The significance of reporting trust account irregularities

Trust accounts play a pivotal role in maintaining integrity, transparency and fiduciary responsibilities of the legal profession.

The benefits of doing your mandatory ethics hour CPD

It is that time of year again. The 31st of March looms – the deadline for completing our annual mandatory CPD.

CPD requirements reminder

Practitioners are reminded that the current CPD year ends on 31 March 2024.

Recent NCAT decisions: March 2024

Recent NCAT decisions involving solicitors.

Can a pro bono lawyer recover costs?

A look at E1 v E2; E Pty Limited v E2 [2023] NSWDC 411

Supervised Legal Practice: guidelines for supervisors and supervised lawyers

Supervised legal practice is a fundamentally important component in the continuum of education for any practitioner.

Court decisions involving solicitors

View legal disciplinary decisions from the NSW Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Removal of Supervised Legal Practice condition 2

Practitioners should ensure that they have completed the statutory period of SLP

Locum solicitors: how to find or become one

Going on holidays? Need a helping hand? A locum solicitor might be your answer.