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Last year, the Law Society reported an uptick of concerning scam trends affecting legal practitioners and law practices in Australia.

To help practitioners stay vigilant and respond appropriately to scams, the Law Society and Lawcover have updated and produced new cybersecurity resources.

Here are two simple things you can do today to reduce the risk that your practice will be the next victim of cyber fraud:

  1. Educate your clients on the risks of cyber fraud and in particular business email compromise and voice scams. As part of your onboarding process speak with your clients about these risks and give your clients this client flyer.
  2. Download and complete this LS4016_CPD_FraudCyberResource2023_2023-12-19.pdf ( to have a step-by-step guide on hand if your law practice discovers it has become the victim of a scam or cyberattack.

Download and save your copy of these resources today.

Remember that effective cybersecurity involves having appropriate strategies to prevent, detect and respond to incidents. For guidance and support on effective cyber risk management, refer to Lawcover’s suite of cyber resources here.