‘Unlawful’ and ‘indefensible’: Murray-Darling Basin Authority receives damning report card

RICHARD BEASLEY SC delivers a scathing report of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s ‘unlawful’ and ‘incomprehensible’ mismanagement of the Basin.

Climate change takes centre stage in Land and Environment Court

Gloucester Resources v Minister for Planning marks the first time an Australian court has refused a development on the basis of its climate change impacts.

Managing our scarce water resources: developments in the Murray-Darling

Analysis of the latest legal and policy developments in the Murray-Darling Basin ahead of the much anticipated Royal Commission report. By EMMA CARMODY.

A tinge of green in Cambodia

More than 500 legal professionals from around the world descended on Siem Reap, Cambodia, in November for the 31st LAWASIA conference where environmental crime and…

Changing the legal status of nature: recent developments and future possibilities

Changing the legal status of nature from an object, or human property, to a rights-bearing subject in law is an emerging legal movement. By DR…

When the earth is your client

From Goondiwindi to the European Union, Dominique Doyle has dedicated her career to combating what she calls the “ticking time bomb of climate change”.

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef from climate change: ACF v Minister for the Environment

In Australian Conservation Foundation Incorporated v Minister for the Environment [2016] FCA 1042, Griffiths J dismissed an application for judicial review of a decision made…

Extinction busters

When Professor Tim Flannery spoke at an April fundraising dinner for the NSW EDO (Environmental Defenders Office), his description of the rate of extinctions in…

Environmental law reform takes a wrong turn

The Government appears committed to combatting what it sees as a rise in environmental ‘lawfare’ and to limiting the ability of groups or individuals to…