A day in the life: Federal Court takes personal leave back to basics

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Public servants all atwitter: High Court has its say on “free speech”

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The ‘hidden crime’: slavery in Australia in 2019

It’s the crime we look at but don’t see: here’s what slavery looks like in Australia in 2019.

Losing my religion, losing my job?

Israel Folau’s dispute with Rugby Australia has exposed the glaring legal chasm between employment contracts and our right to share views on social media.

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Substance over form – Fair Work Commission cuts some slack

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Freedom of speech in a master / servant relationship

An in-depth look at the debate about freedom of speech in an employment relationship. By JACK DE FLAMINGH.

Fine lines blurred in adverse action applications

There is a fine line between a decision made because of a protected attribute, and one made because of the manifestation of that protected attribute….

Walking the line: when does a shiny new enterprise lose its lustre?

JACK DE FLAMINGH & HANNAH PETERS discuss the first FWC case to consider Fair Work Act amendments aimed at resolving protracted greenfields bargaining disputes.

Aftermath of the casual conundrum: ‘double-dipping’ and class actions

Government has moved to limit the fall-out from the Full Federal Court’s decision on casual workers in WorkPac v Skene.  Meanwhile, class actions momentum is building. …