Natural persons only: Federal Court clarifies superannuation entitlements

Recent Full Court of the Federal Court decision considered the test for whether a worker is considered an employee under section 12(3) of the superannuation…

Gender Equity Reforms: Better and Fairer Pay

This is the third article in a series examining recent and significant changes to the Fair Work Act.

Secure Jobs, Better Pay: Bargaining reforms

As part of the recent amendments to the Fair Work Act, significant and controversial changes have been made to enterprise bargaining.

What are ‘reasonable’ hours? The Ryan-Rugg legal stoush

What are ‘reasonable’ hours? This high profile legal stoush may help the rest of us know

Secure Jobs, Better Pay: That’s what the brochure says

Recent changes to the Fair Work Act affecting fixed term contracts and pay secrecy are among the most significant IR reforms in decades.

Legally speaking: Can you say ‘no’ to your boss?

The prospect of saying ‘no’ to your boss can be daunting but in some circumstances you can legally say ‘no’ to a request.

Delivering the High Court rulings – Gig worker is not an employee

Full bench of the FWC decision in Deliveroo has important implications for gig economy workers as most will remain outside the Fair Work Act protections.

Vicarious trauma: Lawyers and the ‘cost of caring’

Lawyers who frequently work with traumatised clients are at risk of developing vicarious trauma or secondary traumatic stress.

More than a contractual promise: requirements for a guarantee of annual earnings

Recent Federal Court case clarifies what is required in drafting a guarantee of annual earnings so as to exclude award coverage.

Nothing new to see here – Privatisation and Greenfields Agreements

An enterprise is not a ‘genuine new enterprise’ simply because it is new to an employer.