Animal law update: Positive changes for animals in 2021

An overview of the latest developments in NSW animal protection laws.

Strengthening protections for people experiencing sexual and domestic violence

New protections for people experiencing sexual and domestic violence explained.

Criminalising coercion

Domestic violence laws deal with physical abuse – but what about unseen manipulation and control?

Jury’s out for judiciary on DV perpetrator programs

Many Australian judicial officers hold mixed views on the effectiveness of domestic violence perpetrator interventions, a new study reveals.

The right medicine

Could treating impulsivity in repeat violent offenders be part of the solution to violent crime in Australia?

‘Systemic abuse’: the devastating ripple effects of family violence

A groundbreaking new report has put the impacts of family violence under spotlight – revealing the lasting ripple effects it can have on victims and…

Domestic violence victims 10 times more likely to suffer multiple legal problems

An Australian-first study has revealed that victims of domestic and family violence are 10 times more likely than others to experience myriad legal problems.

New tenancy reforms strengthen the rights of domestic violence victims

An outline of new tenancy reforms allowing victims of domestic violence to end their tenancies immediately without liability. By KELLIE McDONALD.

Protecting your clients from stalking & abuse in the digital age

Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse is a very real problem and so too is the harm it causes. HELEN CAMPBELL examines the remedies now available.

The latest developments in law reform and advocacy: December 2018

The Law Society’s Policy and Practice team brings you a wrap-up of the most important issues of the moment.