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The NSW Government says it will allocate $45 million to improving bail laws and justice system responses to domestic violence, with the details to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Attorney General Michael Daley said it will ensure that supports and systems are reviewed from every angle. 

“NSW needs a coordinated approach across multiple fronts to disrupt domestic violence,” he said. 

The pending changes are part of what the Government said was a $230 million commitment over four years, for an emergency package to enhance support for domestic, family and sexual violence victim-survivors. 

The announcement includes the statewide rollout of the Staying Home Leaving Violence program, which is aimed at preventing women and their children becoming homeless or having to move away from the support of family and friends, as well as their local school and community. 

The Integrated Domestic and Family Violence Service, which helps people to navigate services from government agencies and non-government organisations, will also be expanded. 

Premier Chris Minns said too many lives have been lost and too many families broken by domestic and family violence. 

“It is a blight in our communities, and it is a problem that deserves our government’s concerted attention and response,” he said. 

There is also increased funding for workers who support children accompanying their mothers to refuges. 

And the Government says $38 million will be allocated to a Primary Prevention Strategy, to develop a range of initiatives to address the drivers of domestic, family and sexual violence. 

The Premier acknowledged this was only a first step. 

“[W]e have heard loud and clear the call from the family members of those who’ve been killed at the hands of a violent partner,” he said. 

“We’re very sorry that this package was not released or announced earlier, but we’re determined to learn from the mistakes that have been made by my government and previous governments over the past decades.”