GoFundMe: The gift that keeps on giving?

A closer look at the complex legal issues raised by crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe.

An update on defamation damages reform

An examination of the amendments to section 35, which enacts statutory caps on awards of damages for non-economic loss.

Defamation reforms: Much Ado About Not Much

An opinion piece on the contentious New South Wales defamation reforms.

World’s defamation capital no more? NSW passes reforms

Long-awaited amendments to the Defamation Act 2005  have passed in NSW.

Toeing the (on)line in defamation law reform

Australia’s defamation laws were written in 2005, when today’s newspaper was tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapper. They went out of date almost immediately, so where do we…

We are all publishers now: ignoring online comments no longer an option

Voller judgment makes it clear that businesses can no longer afford to ignore online comments. By ANGUS MACINNIS

Googling defamation law

The challenge technologies pose for defamation law may be better resolved by adapting existing principles than by special rules for specific circumstances. By NICHOLAS OLSON.

This time it’s personal: defamation claims against lawyers

There is an increasing tendency for solicitors to raise accusations of defamation during professional conflict. This brings more heat than light. By ELISSA BAXTER.

Social media and your practice: playing it smart

Lawyers should be careful to ensure that their social media usage does not breach their professional obligations. By LUCY WILLIAMS and JULIA CLEMENTE.