Confidence in the courtroom

Advocacy exists at all levels of litigation and like a muscle, it can go into a state of atrophy with non-use.

Leadership – Don’t be like Lizzo

Leadership is part of the journey most young lawyers are already on and lawyers can influence the decisions of others from clients to the bench.

Shopping around: The importance of secondments

Secondments are a great way for young lawyers to be exposed to and learn a new area of law while complementing their existing legal experience.

Tips for young players: A matter of practice

Christopher Robison recently retired as a District Court judge. He reflects on his 28 years on the bench and provides his tips for young lawyers.

How to work efficiently with barristers

Follow these top tips to make the most out of working with your barrister.

How to set boundaries at work and keep them

A key skill for junior lawyers is knowing how to navigate the law but other key skills include managing clients and your bosses’ expectations.

Legally speaking: Can you say ‘no’ to your boss?

The prospect of saying ‘no’ to your boss can be daunting but in some circumstances you can legally say ‘no’ to a request.

Vicarious trauma: Knowing the signs

Young lawyers, experienced practitioners and support staff are not immune to the risk of vicarious trauma. However, there are simple tips to minimise the risk.

Can I debrief to friends about my clients?

Why candid conversations with friends could leave lawyers exposed to breaches of confidentiality