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A community of sharp, dedicated, kind and daring people who share a common purpose and commitment to justice. That is a community of young lawyers.

In the hallowed halls of the legal world, we find ourselves at the intersection of human conflict and societal equilibrium. We hold the ability to be champions of justice, defenders of the vulnerable, and the voice of reason (and not just to our mates!).

In the pursuit of this vocation, we engage in a lifelong commitment to learning and growing. We immerse ourselves in the complexities of the legal system, tirelessly seeking to understand its intricacies and adapting to its ever-evolving nature. Each year, the NSW Young Lawyers holds two Assemblies (Mid-Year Assembly and Annual Assembly), where we come together to build connection and engage in topics relevant to the current social and legal climate.

This year, on 11-12 November, NSW Young Lawyers held their Annual Assembly at the Crowne Plaza Coogee to explore some of the unchartered waters of Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’). The theme for this Annual Assembly was ‘Embracing AI and Integrated Solutions for a Better World’.

A career in the legal profession is a thrilling (and sometimes daunting) odyssey filled with both challenges and opportunities.

Recent developments in AI and technology have sent a clear message to lawyers: our environment and ways of work are changing quickly. We aspire to lean into this time of growth and learning and equip ourselves with the skills and foresight necessary to tackle a changing world. However, we also want to seize the opportunity to use our best creative efforts, care, and expertise to positively contribute to our community and our profession in the process. Our programme for the 2023 Annual Assembly was crafted with these objectives in mind.

We heard from a decorated list of speakers who, in their own ways, tackled the current paradigm shift of AI in legal practice. We learned that AI has engendered a transformative scene, one that is both consequential and auspicious for young lawyers who find themselves at a pivotal juncture of professional evolution.

The NSW Young Lawyers Leadership Team and Executive Council were delighted and honoured to celebrate the 60th Anniversary milestone with our Annual Assembly attendees and some of our incredible alumni, including the President of the Law Society, Cassandra Banks at a special Gala Dinner event.

We are extremely grateful for all our volunteers and the Law Society of NSW team that have made a 60-year legacy possible. We cannot wait to see what the next 60 years will hold.

A career in the legal profession is a thrilling (and sometimes daunting) odyssey filled with both challenges and opportunities. The passion, determination and grit of young lawyers is powerful. We ought to never underestimate the impact of our advocacy, no matter how big or small it might seem at any given time.