Pretty in yellow

The Fairmont Le Montreux Palace on Lake Geneva is one of Europe’s top hotels, favoured by an A-list of people in politics and entertainment.

In the shadow of The King

The W Hotel in the heart of America’s federal capital adroitly bridges the gap between being a hip place to hang out and providing the…

City guide – Auckland

Aucklanders may be forgiven for thinking they have it all. Blessed with not one but two harbours, Auckland’s other inviting playgrounds include island retreats, sandy…

City guide – Washington DC

America’s capital truly has something for everyone, from history boffins and wannabe spies to wine connoisseurs.

Making a splash

England’s Hotel of the Year, The Gainsborough Bath Spa, offers private access to thermal waters.

City guide – Bristol

It’s a city that has a starring role in England’s maritime history, but it also offers modern colour. Bristol’s highlights include street art and top-class…

A luxury escape on the Oregon Coast

Enjoy Oregon’s wild coastline from the comfort of a beachside sanctuary.

City guide – Portland

Portland’s hipster reputation, award-winning food and drink venues – 70 draft breweries and counting – and outdoorsy attitude have helped make this unassuming Pacific Northwest…

City guide – Cape Town

There is no contest: Cape Town is the most beloved city in southern Africa. Some people fall in love with its beauty, while others come…

City guide – San Diego

Fly to the US from Australia and you will probably have to stop over in Los Angeles. While some find the city’s traffic-swamped urban sprawl…