The Magician

This imaginative work of fiction sweeps across decades, timestamped to alert to a new date and place in German writer Thomas Mann’s career and his…

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After Story

Who is the most reliable teller of your story and history? Is it you, those who’ve loved and protected you, or those who’ve had to…

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December film giveaway

LSJ has five double passes for Delicious, which are valid for use in Palace Cinemas from January 4.

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Film review: Titane

Titane is a hard film to explain but an easy one to enjoy.

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Film Review: Last Night in Soho

While there is a lot to enjoy in Last Night in Soho, it leaves the feeling Wright is biting off more than he can chew.

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Film review: The Power of the Dog

Not only expertly directed and tightly written, this is a film done with philosophical purpose.

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Film review: Eternals

No one is allowed to feel until the plot tells them to. No one is allowed to show any emotion until that can be exploited

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Whilst those emerging from 100-plus days of lockdown in Greater Sydney might be tempted to toss about the phrase “winter of discontent”, this gritty series…

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I Alone Can Fix it

Set to be released in Australia just days before the anniversary of the 2020 US election, this is best enjoyed as a companion read with…

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Beautiful World, Where Are You

In a world of climate destruction, rising inequality and a pervading millennial malaise, why, two young women ponder, do humans remain “so stupid about each-other?”

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