Film of the week: Evil Does Not Exist

The Japanese director behind 2021’s Drive My Car delivers a beautiful and contemplative eco-drama that ends with one of this year’s most harrowingly haunting endings.

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Films of the week: Civil War, Robot Dreams

Alex Garland divides opinions, and America, in a nihilistic war fantasy. And the surprise Spanish animated Robot Dreams is a charming piece that both breaks and…

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Films of the week: Monkey Man, Origin

This week, an action film and a serious drama about the nature of institutionalised racism. One set to be a modern classic, the other no…

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Film of the week: Perfect Days

Wim Wenders returns with a simple and heartwarming slice of life set in Tokyo.

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Film of the week: Immaculate

Sydney Sweeney turns scream queen in a nunsploitation horror film that is effective, if a little predictable.

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Films of the week: Love Lies Bleeding, You’ll Never Find Me. Plus ticket giveaway.

Kristen Stewart headlines a pumping high-octane thriller, while a little Australian horror does a lot with very little. Plus a ticket giveaway for the upcoming…

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Review recap: Oppenheimer

Picking up seven Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor, this year’s ceremony belonged to the epic biopic.

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Film of the week: Dune 2

A sequel for the fans that is as epic, grandiose, and bloated as promised.

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Film of the week: The Zone of Interest

Jonathan Glazer’s fourth film makes one of the most important artistic statements of the decade. And it comes exactly when we needed it the most.

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Film of the week: Fallen Leaves + ticket giveaway

In a week for emotionally manipulative romantic films, Aki Kaurismäki delivers the most earnest and deadpan of all.

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