Gathering Dark

When composing a cracking work of fiction, killer opening lines are an essential ingredient. The sucker-punch first words of Gathering Dark – “I looked up…

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Homer’s The Odyssey

The COVID-19 era has seen the temporary closure of many bookstores and delayed the release of highly anticipated books. So, if social distancing and isolation…

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The Spy and the Traitor

On a summer’s evening in Moscow, at the heart of the Cold War in July 1985, a man stands on the pavement of a busy…

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The Medicine: A Doctor’s Notes

As a hospital general physician, Dr Hitchcock regularly holds life in her hands and fields more phone calls from anxious friends and family about their…

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In 1971, an 18-year-old Yolngu man named David Gulpilil made his debut in a film titled Walkabout and became an international sensation. Walkabout is still…

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American Dirt

Before it even hit shelves, American Dirt was an odyssey. From beginning the decade as one of the most-hyped novels, anticipation soon turned to anger…

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The weekend

After the gut punch of The Natural Way of Things, bestselling literary fiction writer Wood returns with this calmer exploration of female friendship. While The…

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Acid for the Children

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ iconic bassist has released a revealing memoir.

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Sir Frederick Jordan: Fire under the Frost

“Better than most lawyers, he understood that life was more than work and that some of its richest pleasures only began after catching the 5.15…

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Chase Darkness with Me: how one true crime writer started solving murders

After 17 years of writing about cold cases, US investigative journalist Billy Jensen decides to solve homicides. Two catalysts push him forward. 

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