Film review: Bill and Ted Face the Music

The sequel we all need in 2020: the true spirit of the original without reverting to cheap nostalgia tricks.

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Film review: Les Misérables

A violent stand-off is played with humanity and catharsis for justice, in a modern and candid adaptation based on the 2008 Paris riots.

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Film review: Deerskin

Terrific acting and a sociopathic designer jacket steal the show in this outlandish tale.

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We Begin at the End

Crime thrillers rarely have child protagonists, but 13-year-old Duchess Radley will captivate readers of all ages in Chris Whitaker’s latest literary crime novel We Begin…

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The Splendid and the Vile: A saga of Churchill, family and defiance during the Blitz

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, works like this highlight the significance of political leadership and illustrate qualities leaders need to make dynamic decisions….

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The Road: Uprising 
in West Papua

For a book less than 120 pages in length, The Road feels heavy in your hands. John Martinkus has produced a forensic account of the…

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Film review: A White, White Day

A White, White Day is a film that would have made an impact even without a pandemic delaying all other releases

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The Wisdom of Tea

We know that all we really have is today. The pandemic has illustrated this fact on a global scale. Our lives and the world can…

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Deadliest Enemy: Our War against Killer Germs

This year’s pandemic has frequently been dubbed a “black swan” event; a cataclysm so unfathomable that no one could have predicted it. Except that one…

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While not a tale of freak events and sudden storms, consider the weather in this subtle yet sharp novel to be more a story of…

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