Who Gets to Be Smart

Those who have read her earlier books, Eggshell Skull and Beauty, know Lee isn’t afraid to put herself under the microscope.

By - 2 min read

Cloud Surfing

Remember planes? Love and the romance of flying comes through just about every page of this memoir.

By - 2 min read

Film Review: A Quiet Place Part 2

Packed with the knowledge of how to defeat the beasts, the Abbott family sets out in search of more survivors

By - 3 min read

Film review: Death of a Ladies Man

Gabriel Byrne is the sulky beating heart of this brooding and soulful film

By - 3 min read

The Chase

In the bone-dry Nevada Desert, a high-stakes game is afoot.

By - 2 min read

Film review: Ema

There is no morality in Ema, but there is a moral high ground.

By - 3 min read

Klara and the Sun

A science fiction novel that reads with deceptive ease

By - 2 min read

Film review: The Perfect Candidate

Because when life gives you lemons, you stand against the structured patriarchy of your neighbourhood

By - 3 min read

Film review: Supernova

Halfway through this beautiful and pure film, you realise living can be scarier than dying.

By - 3 min read

Film Review: Antoinette in the Cevénnes

Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure story inspires a film with plenty of heart, guts and belief

By - 4 min read