Forged payment directions cut lenders (and their solicitors) as deep as a forced mortgage

The Court of Appeal has unanimously rejected a lender’s attempts to enforce its mortgage in circumstances where a faxed payment direction sent to the lender’s…

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The High Court decides: when does a builder owe a subsequent owner a duty of care?

The High Court’s recent decision in Brookfield Multiplex Ltd v Owners Corporation Strata Plan 61288 & Anor [2014] HCA 36 has curtailed the rights of apartment owners…

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Property law: September 2014

Reporting and analysis of recent property law decisions. 

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“Rent to buy” contract found unjust by Supreme Court

The contract for the purchase of land was unjust because the plaintiffs, as purchasers, had no equity in the property and were at risk of…

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Home building amendments: what you need to know

The Home Building Amendment Act 2014 makes substantial changes to some parts of the Home Building Act 1989. By DANIEL RUSSELL and KATHERINE FLYNN.

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