“Game changer”: Local Court shifts towards therapeutic justice

Local Court of NSW’s shift towards therapeutic justice has been welcomed by the Law Society of NSW as a potential game changer.

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Oppenheimer’s warning lives on: international laws and treaties are failing to stop a new arms race

J. Robert Oppenheimer – the great nuclear physicist, “father of the atomic bomb”, and now subject of a blockbuster biopic – always despaired about the nuclear arms…

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Redfern Legal Centre calls for the withdrawal of 29,000 COVID fines

New NSW Supreme Court case aims to withdraw remaining 29,000 COVID-related fines.

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Canadian Judge rules ‘thumbs up’ emoji represents legally binding contract

A Canadian judge has ordered a farmer pay CAD$82,000 (AUD$92,000) after ruling a “thumbs up emoji” he used in a text message exchange was just…

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Anna Cody announced as new Sex Discrimination Commissioner

A long-time member of the Law Society of NSW is the nation’s new Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

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Me-Mel (Goat Island) to be returned to Indigenous owners

The NSW Government announces a “significant new step” in handing over the ownership of Me-Mel (Goat Island) in Sydney Harbour to the local Indigenous community.

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NAIDOC Week: 40th Anniversary of Aboriginal Land Rights Act

Since the inception of the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act in June 1983, more than 160,000 hectares of land has been returned to Aboriginal land…

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The new National Anti-Corruption Commission faces high expectations

Australia’s new National Anti-Corruption Commission is due to begin its operations today. Already there is much talk about who and what it should investigate.

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Conference keynote speaker to cover the law-AI partnership

An expert in the field of AI and the law is confirmed as the keynote speaker at the Law Society of NSW’s upcoming Specialist Accreditation…

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Gladys Berejiklian ICAC report: Why won’t she be charged?

Former Premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian will not face criminal prosecution despite the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) finding that she engaged in “serious corrupt…

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