Facing the death penalty under a China-Australia extradition treaty

Australia may soon be able to extradite individuals to China if China undertakes that the death penalty will not be imposed or, if imposed, will…

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Arbitrarily detained: what the UN opinion means for Julian Assange

A United Nations body determined that Sweden and the United Kingdom violated international norms by arbitrarily detaining Julian Assange. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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IP rights v public health: international challenges to plain packaging laws

A State’s right to regulate to protect public health can clash with the intellectual property rights held by corporations over their tobacco products. By STEPHEN…

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High Court considers state immunity and international pensions

Pension payments to former office holders of specialised agencies can be liable to Australian income tax. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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Are dumplings ‘stuffed pasta’? The tariff classification process

A two-stage decision-making process applies when customs duties are imposed on imported goods. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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Wrong place, wrong time: compensating victims of terror

Australian victims of overseas terrorist acts and their close family members may be eligible for compensation under the Social Security Act 1991. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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Transparency in treaty making joint: parliamentary committee urges reform

A recent Commonwealth Parliamentary Committee inquiry found that free trade agreements intrude into many domestic policy spheres without democratic oversight and curtail Australia’s regulatory abilities….

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Understanding investor-state dispute settlments

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), signed 17 June, represents a historic milestone, giving Australian businesses the ability to operate in China and trade with…

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Sovereignty contests: acts of state and non-justiciability

Pleadings containing allegations involving acts of State are not sufficient to render non-justiciable a question concerning the acquisition of sovereignty or jurisdiction over land. By…

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Space law: a new frontier in legal practice

Space Law and Global Space Governance (GSG) are terms that refer to the international process of regulating global space activities. Mechanisms include international and regional…

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