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As the International Bar Association prepares to hold its annual conference in Sydney in October 2017, IBA President Martin Solc and Deputy Executive Director Tim Hughes talk about what has been keeping them busy.

With a membership of more than 80,000 individual lawyers and more than 190 bar associations and law societies from 160 countries, the International Bar Association (IBA) is a force to be reckoned with.

And this year, the self-described “global voice of the legal profession” is holding its annual conference in Sydney.

“We are expecting more than 5,000 delegates to attend,” says London-based Deputy Executive Director Tim Hughes. “There’s the opportunity to come to 200 sessions, so everybody will find streams of sessions that interest them. There are an extraordinary number of social events being organised, too, including a concert at Sydney Opera House, an opening party at Luna Park, and a closing party down at The Rocks. It’s an extraordinary week of opportunity to meet and greet and have dialogue with lawyers from at least 120 countries, and to listen to lawyers who are real experts in their fields.”

According to Czech IBA President Martin Solc, the Sydney conference, much like the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, is set to be the “best ever”.

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