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Key developments

  • Legal Aid NSW review of fees
  • 2018 Contract for the sale and purchase of land
  • Review of the Dust Diseases Tribunal Regulation 2013
  • ‘Closing the Gap’ Refresh Discussion Paper
  • Inquiry into the review processes associated with visa cancellations on criminal grounds
  • Admissibility of Tendency and Coincidence Evidence Working Group – Scoping Paper
  • Law Council of Australia’s Cyber Precedent
  • Registry services at Belmont Court House
  • Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Road Safety) Bill 2018
  • Report on proposed responses to the Royal Commission’s civil litigation recommendations
  • Proposed changes to practice and procedure in Revenue List matters
  • Model Participation Rules and the Model Operating Requirements consultation draft, version 5
  • Legislative Assembly Committee on Law and Safety – Inquiry into adequacy of youth diversionary programs
  • Social Services Legislation (Drug Testing Trial) Bill 2018
  • Draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Reform Bill 2018

Legal Aid NSW review of fees

The Criminal Law, Indigenous Issues, Children’s Legal Issues and Family Law Committees contributed to a submission on Legal Aid NSW’s discussion paper on the review of fees.

The Law Society expressed the view that without an immediate increase in funding to allow for proper remuneration to attract private practitioners of sufficient skill and expertise, Legal Aid will struggle to continue to provide a mixed service delivery model.

We submitted that changing the methodology of allocating funds, as suggested in the discussion paper, will not solve the problems. Unless the Government provides substantial additional funding, the issues will remain.

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