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Key developments

  • Access to digital assets upon death or incapacity
  • Duration of Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders
  • Consent in relation to sexual assault
  • Strangulation offences in New South Wales
  • Draft Swimming Pools Regulation 2018
  • Equitable Briefing Networking Event for construction law
  • Consultation on minor injury decisions fact sheet
  • 2018 Review of the workers compensation scheme
  • 2018 Review of the CTP insurance scheme
  • Section 3.28(3) of the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017
  • Review of the ‘Good governance principles and guidance for not-for-profit organisations’
  • Introducing an economy-wide cash payment limit

Access to digital assets upon death or incapacity

The Elder Law, Capacity and Succession Committee and Privacy and Data Law Committee contributed to a joint submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission in relation to its inquiry into digital assets. The submission focussed on how ‘digital assets’ – which include things such as social media and e-mail accounts, as well as cryptocurrencies – should be classed and considered in a will or power of attorney. The submission also highlighted some critical privacy issues and the importance of ensuring that a person had the right to choose whether to provide access to their digital assets after their death or incapacity.

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