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Key developments

  • Short-term rental accommodation
  • Section 293 Criminal Procedure Act 1986
  • R v RB: Attorney-General (NSW) as Intervenor [2019] NSWDC 368
  • Review of the pricing framework for electronic conveyancing services in NSW – IPART Draft Report
  • Road Transport Amendment (Mobile Phone Detection) Bill 2019
  • SIRA’s CTP claim form review
  • Offences for the unlawful removal/lopping of trees which does not require consent
  • Miscellaneous succession law reforms
  • Property and Stock Agents Amendment Regulation
  • SIRA Consultation: Review of Guidance note and factsheets
  • Religious freedom reforms

Short-term rental accommodation

The Environmental Planning & Development and Property Law Committees contributed to a submission to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in response to a Discussion Paper and draft planning instruments and Regulations to introduce a state-wide planning framework and mandatory Code of Conduct for short-term rental accommodation (‘STRA’).

The Law Society expressed concern about a number of matters such as the enforceability of some of the proposed criteria in the exempt and complying pathways. These include: enforcing fire safety requirements; establishing whether STRA is hosted or non-hosted or whether a property is the host’s ‘principal place of residence’ to establish the relevant day cap; ‘policing’ the relevant day caps and enforcing the code of conduct.

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