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Key developments

  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority’s policy
  • Statutory Review of the Crime Commission Act 2012 
  • Double Jeopardy Bill 2019
  • Review of Model Defamation Provisions – supplementary questions
  • Commercialising Business Ideas
  • Proposed revisions to the credit risk management framework for authorised deposit-taking institutions
  • Planning Certificates – Regulation Review Project Working Group 
  • Review of the mandatory data retention regime
  • Exchanging Ideas: First Nations Consensus in Constitutional Reform, Nation Building and Treaty Making Processes
  • Implementing Australia’s Modern Slavery Act: Knowing Your Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s ethics framework

The Privacy and Data Law Committee contributed to a submission to the Law Council on the CSIRO discussion paper on an ethics framework for artificial intelligence (‘AI’).

The submission raised various issues with the CSIRO’s approach to establishing a national ethics framework for guiding AI development and implementation. 

In particular, the submission noted the discussion paper did not provide a complete or accurate description of privacy law in Australia, which resulted in the discussion relating to ‘privacy protection’ requiring further consideration.

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