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Key developments

  • NSW Police Force Handbook and Code of Practice for CRIME
  • Reform of the common law forfeiture rule
  • Draft Conveyancing Rules – version 5
  • Review of the pricing framework for electronic conveyancing services in NSW
  • Proposed changes to Registrar General’s Guidelines
  • Review of the Tax Practitioners Board – terms of reference
  • Enforceability of financial services industry codes
  • Independent National Security Legislation Monitor’s review of citizenship revocation provisions
  • Review of model defamation provisions

NSW Police Force Handbook and Code of Practice for CRIME

Until recently, the NSW Police Force Handbook and Code of Practice for CRIME (Custody, Rights, Investigation, Management and Evidence), have been publicly available via the NSW Police Force website. Both documents are useful resources for legal practitioners and the public.

The Code of Practice for CRIME provides a succinct reference to the powers of police when investigating offences and provides members of the community with advice on their rights in dealing with police. The Code of Practice for CRIME has not been updated since 2015 and is no longer available (or even referred to) on the website. According to the website, ‘The NSWPF Handbook is under review and will be available again shortly.’

The Law Society wrote and requested an update from the Commissioner of Police as to the availability of both documents.

The NSW Police Force has now advised that the Code of Practice for CRIME is being incorporated into the NSW Police Force Handbook, and a redacted version will be available by 1 July 2019.

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