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Industry: Legal services
Seniority level: Experienced but not yet confident or conceited
Employment type: Full time (very full time)

About the role

Provincial Regal Investments Group is seeking a qualified corporate counsel to join their head office in the Upper Middle Outer Hunter.

This is an outstanding opportunity for those looking for something similar but who haven’t seen anything as good as this yet.

Reporting to the Senior Asia Pacific Legal Wizard, you will be given the opportunity to both manage your own matters and learn new spells/legal maxims (either way, there will be Latin involved).

About us

We are an equal opportunity employer, although obviously candidates meeting the criteria set out here will have a more equal opportunity than others.

If you’re confused about what we do, don’t worry, that makes three of us.

What you’ll do

  • Provide high-level, complex, general and specific legal advice to the business on an as-needed, if-wanted basis.
  • Be a self-motivated go-getter (“Go get me that thing I wanted”; “Go get me my pants”; “Go, get out of my sight”).
  • Generate value … sweet, sweet value.
  • Some travel required – to the office, from the office (mainly to the office, if we’re honest).

What you’ll need

  • At least seven to eight or 10 to 11 years’ experience in a rooftop tier firm (time spent in either or both a sandstone quarry or cloistered enclave a plus!).
  • Proven track record with managing issues and dealing with situations. Standard of proof to be confirmed.
  • Ability to provide practical legal advice without being a yes-man or a naysayer.
  • Strong negotiation skills, or less than strong if you can talk us into it.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness, or effective demonstrativeness (but not both).
  • Must be comfortable behind a desk, but not so comfortable that you forget the weight of a gun that’s loaded and one that’s not.
  • Able to write clearly without unnecessary repetition, duplication, saying things twice or use of tautologies.
  • Fluency in Mongolian goes without saying, although we have written it down.
  • Experience with inter-company loan structuring highly valued.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (no weirdos).


For further information, we recommend Google – it’s a great resource. For further information about this job in particular, drop by our office. We’ll see you soon in the Upper Middle Outer Hunter!

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