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The former Senior Judge of the NSW Drug Court Roger Dive has been named a finalist for the 2022 NSW Australian of the Year award.

Attorney General Mark Speakman announced the nomination today, praising Judge Dive’s “dedication to serving others” and how he “helped change lives” through his work at the Drug Court.

“This nomination is a tremendous achievement and a testament to the former magistrate and District Court judge’s dedication to helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” said Speakman.

Judge Dive retired in August after devoting 50 years of his career to the justice system, including 32 years on the bench and 17 years leading the NSW Drug Court program – which he helped to establish. He said he was “surprised and delighted” when he received the news about his nomination.

“I think everyone probably says that, but I was sure in my head it would be a situation of, thanks for coming, you didn’t make the finalist list,” Judge Dive told LSJ.

“What is wonderful about this nomination is that the theme of my work has been expansion of the NSW Drug Court program and assisting the community to reduce drug-related crime. It’s nice to see that aspect recognised in the community.”

The Attorney General said: “Judge Dive’s dedication to serving others extended from his career on the bench to his family life, fostering 60 children along with raising two of his own with Linda, his wife of 47 years.”

“In retirement Judge Dive continues to serve his community with compassion, with plans to volunteer with people experiencing homelessness. I congratulate Judge Dive for his nomination as 2022 NSW Senior Australian of the Year. Win or lose, his life has provided his fellow Australians with a stellar example of citizenship.”

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Former Senior Judge of the NSW Drug Court Roger Dive. Image supplied.