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As a result of the latest damage assessment, the Law Courts Building will remain closed to the public until Friday, 29 September.

In an update provided on Thursday 21 September, the Court advised the building will remain closed for at least another week.

A further update will be provided on Thursday, 28 September. All Supreme Court hearings for next week have been updated and matters will be heard in alternative venues in Hospital Road, King Street, Darlinghurst and the Land and Environment Court. Court users should continue to check the Supreme Court’s website and the Online Registry for updates on sittings and venues.

The building has been closed following a major flooding event due to a broken pipe on level 19 affecting all floors in the building.

Access to the premises will therefore be limited until further notice and matters listed in the building are being reallocated urgently. On Monday morning, the Court advised that all matters listed for Tuesday to Friday this week will continue to be heard.

Court rooms in Wentworth Chambers, Hospital Road, St James Road, King Street, the Chief Secretary’s Building and the Land & Environment Court will be used.  The Daily Court List will indicate the relevant court rooms.

The Court’s Chief Justice Andrew Bell advised that all fixtures in courtrooms outside the Law Courts Building will continue as listed.

The Court is endeavouring to secure alternative courtrooms and new venues at either Hospital Road or within the St James Road/King St complex which will be notified as soon as possible. The revised court list can be viewed on the NSW Supreme Court’s website here.

Matters in the Corporations List, due to be heard before the Hon Justice Black, have been stood over until Monday 25 September. 

There will be further notices as the situation develops and Law Society members will be updated accordingly, via LSJ online and the Law Society’s social media accounts.