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Justice Ian Harrison, one of Australia’s most experienced judiciary members, was appointed a Judge of Appeal and Chief Judge at Common Law to the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday 9 November. 

NSW Attorney General Michael Daley welcomed the news and said that NSW is fortunate to have one of Australia’s most incisive legal minds and a highly esteemed judicial officer in the Honourable Justice Ian Harrison. 

“Justice Harrison has been greatly respected throughout his illustrious legal career. He is dynamic and wise and has a commanding intellect. He is an auspicious appointment as Chief Judge at Common Law and as a Judge of Appeal to the Supreme Court of NSW.” Daley said. 

Admitted as a solicitor in 1975 and called to the bar in 1977, Harrison has practised in areas including building and construction matters, equity and insurance, property law and medical negligence and was an experienced appellate advocate. 

Harrison conducted the Australian Federal Police Corruption Inquiry in 1996 and was Assistant Commissioner to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Inquiry into Orange Grove in 2004-05 and became a Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW in February 2007. 

He has been Director of the Law Council of Australia, President of the Australian Bar Association and President of the New South Wales Bar Association.