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A training session on what to say when you decide to ripcord out of your firm.

Good evening. Thanks, everyone, for staying around so late. I hope you enjoyed dinner.

You all know me. My name is Roger. I’m an associate partner here at Spofforth, Warburton, Higglesmith, Wentworth, Courier and Masterstock.

I appreciate you’ve had a fairly packed schedule so far, so we’ll try to keep this tight. As I understand it, today’s onboarding sessions have included “getting the most out of your career”, “work-life balance” and “networking for self-advancement”. Is that right? Fantastic.

Look, without wanting to disparage my colleagues who gave those sessions, it’s important we now move past those more “theoretical” sessions and dig into the meat of something more practical, something you’ll actually need to prepare for: the exit interview.

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