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Creativity is like a muscle – it needs to be flexed regularly if it’s to play a positive role in your life.

You get up in the morning, shower, brush your teeth, have your coffee, and go to work using the same route you always take. At work, you turn on the computer, have another coffee, read your emails, and tick off items on your to-do list for the rest of the day. 

In the evening, you take the same route home, have dinner sitting on ‘your’ chair, watch TV, write some emails, brush your teeth, and go to sleep on ‘your’ side of the bed. 

Does this sound familiar? Even if this isn’t exactly your week, the result is the same: a week of habit and routine.

On the weekend – unless you simply must keep working – you likely engage in activities that have nothing to do with work: hang out with friends and family, watch a movie, read a book, and hopefully have some alone time doing nothing. Whatever you do or don’t do, on Sunday afternoon you probably feel refreshed and may have some insights and ideas into things you were too busy to contemplate during the week. Then Monday comes around and no matter how energised you may be in the morning, by the afternoon your brain is likely back in business-as-usual mode.

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